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Whether your business is chasing other businesses or consumers, it is imperative that you deliberately design your commercial strategies.  The Kanuii plan starts with answering the simple question: Who is your customer?

High Performance Sales Teams

Many clients tell us that they have good sales people, but they don't always perform to the top level.  At Kanuii we recognise that good sales people are trained, not born.  Starting with hiring, then training, goal setting and monitoring, our programme can help you build a winning team.

Lead Generation

Although we would never subscribe to the Glengarry Glen Ross rulebook, generating great leads these days requires a deft hand at social media.  The traditional lead gen. techniques of email, PR, events and referrals are also important to achieving results.


Pricing Structures

When setting prices for your goods or services, there are a myriad of pricing structures and strategies.  Choosing the right one for your business, taking into consideration the market, customer expectations, cost, availability, utilization of fixed assets, can be daunting.  Kanuii pricing design delivers best practice individualized for your business.

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