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Keeping those you serve at the heart of everything you do as a business is easy to say but hard to do.

Net Promoter Score®

Extensive research has shown that NPS can act as a proxy of growth opportunity. Focusing company efforts on constant feedback and goal orientation will help you build a bombproof business, and out perform the market. Whether you are aiming for faster growth or increased profits, use NPS as the foundation of a measurement framework that is tightly tied to the customer journey.

Actionable Insights

Delivering change begins with making actionable customer insights a focus of the company-at all levels. The Kanuii NPS methodology (K-NPS), we believe improving on the original, guides you to focus on empowering everyone in your business to take action that creates customers and clients who actively promote your business.


Social Loops

Net Promoter methodology has always been about reaching out to customers who take the time to share their thoughts with you and directly address their concerns or ideas.   K-NPS takes the closed loop concept to the next level with “social loops”. In the social loop framework, we encourage focusing the efforts on two areas:  Firstly, actively reaching out ramdomly to a representative group of customers, secondly, responding to those who contact your business.  Our methodology involves training on listening to customers/clients, replaying the issue, and involving them in the solutions. We have found that customers who are detractors can be converted to promoters with our simple solutions.


Organizational Adoption

Your Net Promoter program only becomes ingrained when it becomes oxygen for the business. Organizational adoption starts at the top.  Integration into bonus plans and regular meetings will ensure that customer scoring data is built into the operational rhythms of the business.  Ensuring employee involvement will also create a happier workplace which is both innovative and fun.

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